Functional English Skills Level 2

English Course Information

Individuals with functional English skills are confident and capable when using the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

They are able to:

  • • communicate effectively, adapting to a range of audiences and contexts
  • • explain information clearly and succinctly in speech and writing
  • • express a point of view reasonably and persuasively
  • • use ICT to communicate effectively
  • • read and understand information and instructions, then use this understanding to act appropriately
  • • analyse how ideas and information are presented, evaluating their usefulness, for example in solving a problem
  • • make an oral presentation or write a report
  • • contribute to discussions and use speech to work collaboratively to agree actions and conclusions

Level Two

Functional Skills English – Level 2 Coverage
Speaking and  Listening Consider complex information and give a relevant, cogent response in appropriate language
Present information and ideas clearly and persuasively to others
Adapt contributions to suit audience, purpose and situation
Make significant contributions to discussions, taking a range of roles and helping to move discussion forward
Reading Select and use different types of texts to obtain and utilise relevant information
Read and summarise, succinctly, information/ideas from different sources
Identify the purposes of texts and comment on how meaning is conveyed
Detect point of view, implicit meaning and/or bias
Analyse texts in relation to audience needs and consider suitable responses
Writing Present information on complex subjects clearly and concisely
Present information/ideas concisely, logically, and persuasively
Use a range of writing styles for different purposes
Use a range of sentence structures, including complex sentences, and paragraphs to organise written communication effectively
Punctuate written text using commas, apostrophes and inverted commas accurately
Ensure written work is fit for purpose and audience, with accurate spelling and grammar that supports clear meaning