GCSE Maths Course

Learners that complete the AQA GCSE Mathematics intensive 2 week course will develop their mathematical knowledge and gain confidence in this field of study by developing a feel for numbers, patterns and relationships.

Learners will develop an ability to consider and solve problems, present and interpret results as well as communicate and reason using a variety of mathematical concepts. The AQA GCSE is a general qualification that is recognised by the world’s universities and employers, enabling successful learners to progress directly to employment or to further qualifications.

Candidates may follow either the Foundation curriculum or the Extended curriculum but we recommend the Foundation as the maximum grade you can achieve is a grade 5 which is a low B equivalent (a grade 4 being the C grade equivalent). The extended paper has a lot more topics to cover and would need extra home study from the learner..

All candidates will study the following topics:

(N) Number
(A) Algebra and graphs
(R) Ratio, proportion and rates of change
(G) Geometry and measures
(P) Probability
(S) Statistics

Our 2 week intensive GCSE Mathematics Course is designed to cover the Foundation curriculum in full.

Additional support material, including a sample of past papers are available form AQA website using the following link:
AQA GCSE mathematics 8300